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1290 GLI is the WGLI Babylon, N.Y. memorial station.

WGLI operated on a frequency of 1290 kHz. At the time, it was one of two AM stations on Long Island and the only one in Suffolk County with a 24-hour license. It ran 5kW directional during the day and 1 kW directional at night with a 3-tower array. Separate phasing cabinets and antenna tuning units were used for the day and night patterns. The 5kW transmitter was a Gates BC 5 P with provisions for reducing its power to 500 watts. The 1kW transmitter was a CCA AM 1000D. Both the studio and transmitters were located in the same building at 1290 Peconic Avenue, Babylon, New York.

In 1990, after it went off the air, a fire destroyed what was left of WGLI. To see this piece of Long Island radio history visit the 1290 WGLI site.

When WGLI left the air a piece of Long Island Radio disappeared with it. 1290 GLI is trying to bring back a small part of what was once "The Mighty 1290 WGLI" here on the Internet. The announcers may be gone but hear the music and the station jingles you remember.

Our Format Philosophy:

We've taken what was in the WGLI music library from 1973 to 1975 and added to it. The result is a fairly deep playlist with thousands of songs from oldies right up to the music of today. Our philosophy is that if it was good enough to be played on the radio at one time then we should be playing it now. While most radio stations play an archive of the same old, tired, big hits of the past we play the lesser hits as well. We have songs that you think you've forgotten. And we've added some of todays best music too. That's why 1290 GLI is "Oldies and more...."

To see what's currently playing go to the bottom of this page.

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The People That Make It Happen:

Dick Moore - P.D. of the old 1290 WGLI, Babylon, New York.
His work is the corner stone on which our format is built.

Jay Donovan - The man responsible when something doesn't sound right.
Hear Jay in the "Oldies Cafe" Sunday night at 7 pm eastern.
You can e-mail Jay at: theoldiescafe@1290gli.com

Ray Michaels - The voice of the "Vehicle" I.D.s and our technical consultant.

Ray Parker - The voice of "The Mighty 1290" I.D.s.

Hear Joe Strouse on 1290 GLI

Visit Joe's Web Site at:  http://www.strousongs.com/
See Joe's Automat video on YouTube here.

Joe listening to 1290 GLI on his iPad in his Jeep and Prius in Austin, Texas.

Where do you listen to 1290 GLI and on what??

Send us a picture of your radio, Internet radio, computer or what ever and we'll post it here
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Also hear these other independant artists on 1290 GLI:

Dave Jellison "The Mad Balladeer"

Sue Young

Links to other independant artists heard on 1290 GLI:

Rick Busby     Mauricio Callejas    Joe Eglash     Terri Fann    Freebo     Gnappy     Katie Gosnell

Sara Hickman     Dave Jellison     Judy Jaeger     Di Lee     Eddie Macbeth    Brian MacLeod

Ron Mulder     Hope Nunnery     Angie Nussey     Holly Watson and Bobby Pounds

Charlie Ranucci    Erisa Rei     Elizabeth Rice     Charlotte Ryerson     Polk Shelton

Robert Skiles    Slash Cowboy     Jean Synodinos     Wiretree

Sue Young

For a look at our studio operation click here.

The power failure of 7-6-2010

Hurricane Sandy knocked 1290 GLI off the air for over a week.
See the pictures.
Here are some of Jay's storm tips.

1290 GLI is powered by:
Powered by OtsDJ

Model 840 Solid State Drives.

The official studio monitor speaker of 1290 GLI.

Legal Stuff:

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Are you a Ham? Checkout the 1290 GLI Amateur Radio Club

Northport High School Class Of '68

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