1290 GLI

Legal Notice

We all like it when we get something for free, even me. But Internet Radio Stations have certain obligations we must follow in order to legally license the music we play. The following language is from the RIAA web site:

Obligation to take steps to defeat copying by recipient.
A webcaster must disable copying by a transmission recipient if in possession of the technology
to do so, and must also take care not to induce or encourage copying by transmission recipients.

Please be aware that every connection to 1290 GLI is logged along with the type of player used at the recipients end. There are known pieces of software that may enable listeners to make digital copies of the content played on 1290 GLI. I do monitor our streams. If you use software that is suspect you will be put in a banned list on our sever and not allowed back in. 1290 GLI exsists for the enjoyment of our listening audience and listening ONLY. Thank you for your understanding.

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