Superstorm Sandy

See what took 1290 GLI down for 9 days.

We were the lucky ones and this is the lighter side of Sandy. Low lying areas near and on the coast were devastated. We didn't loose our homes, only power for 9 days. These pictures show what our area looked like.

This was right next door. This tree knocked out all utilities. Power had already gone out before this tree fell but it did take down the power lines as well as TV, phone and internet. Cablevision came out the next day and repaired their line. We had TV, phone and internet back. Just no power.

Go down the street about 200 feet, make the turn and there were these trees down.

Trees took utility lines down on just about every street. 90% of Long Island was without power. Trying to get in or out of some of these areas by car was impossible because of the downed trees.

Crews finally came to remove the fallen trees.

At last, on the ninth day crews showed up to reconnect the power lines. This was one of the crews from another power company brought in by LIPA to help. Here they're working in the wind and snow to get service back up. Power came back at 5:45 pm, a few hours after this crew completed their work and exactly 9 days after it went out.

The pile of debris in front of our neighbors house.

Not my picture but this is what Northport Harbor looked like during the storm surge. This is the park at the end of Main Street and the boardwalk that goes out to the gazebo.

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