1290 GLI

Our Studio

Welcome to our studios.

The studio which is mainly used for production work.

Some of our studio audio processing equipment along with the computer used to convert analog product in to digital audio files. This computer is also used for recording and editing.

Another computer in the studio that is used for audio editing and file conversion.

The servers at 1290 GLI are 2 netbooks located on a bookcase at the rear of the studio. The bottom netbook is the actually entire radio station. It has all the music files, I.D.s, automation with audio processing and a small SHOUTcast server. New music and product are loaded over the LAN and get picked up weekly during playlist generation. The top netbook is a media server running ITunes. All the station media files and product that has been converted to digital files are contained on an external 1TB drive. This drive is backed up by an identical drive on a digital workstation not located in the studio. Using ITunes allows access to the media library by our 3 Roku Soundbridge Internet radios. Each netbook also runs a VNC server which allows full desktop control from any computer, tablet or smartphone running a VNC client. The netbooks consume less power allowing them to run longer on the stations UPS or can run on their own backup batteries during a power failure. They also run cooler than the old tower computer reducing the heat load in our small studio which is especially important during those warm summer months.

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