Amateur Radio Station WA2FNQ

The Transmitter Room

Pictues with detailed descriptions.

The picture on the left is the VHF-UHF FM transceivers. There is an ICOM IC-280 for 2 meters. There is also an old SBE SB-144 used for transmitting on several crystal controled frequencies including 145.70 MHz. The latest addition is an ICOM IC-2100H which has been modified for hi-fi transmit audio. Off air monitoring on 2 meters is done using a specially wide band modified Regency HR-2. Higher power operation on 2 meters is achived using Mirage B-35-G and B-2516-G amplifiers or a homebrew 4CX250B under the workbench. The Clegg FM-21 is on 223.5 MHz simplex. Operation on 70-cm FM is done using a Kenwood 401B and RF Concepts RFC 4-310 amplifier. The antenna for 2 meters/70-cm is a Diamond X-510. The antenna for 223.5 MHz is an AEA Isopole.

The picture on the right shows some of the equipment on the workbench.

This is the equipment under the workbench. The rack with blank panels on the left is the 70-cm ATV transmitter. It contains T/R switching, the IPA, the HPA and spare ATV exciter. The main ATV exciter sits on top of the next rack to the right which has the homebrew 4CX250B amplifier for 2 meters mounted at the top. In the bottom of the rack is the Astron RS-35M power supply for all the stations solid state HPAs. Next to this rack is the old Wells Gardner RAO-5 receiver and a hombrew 40 meter CW transmitter, both not in use when this picture was taken.

The picture on the left shows the Scientific Atlanta Model 6380 Stereo/SAP generator for the ATV transmitter. The 2 Astron power supplies run the packet equipment. Barely visible under the workbench are 2 RF Concepts RFC 4-32 amplifiers used on the UHF packet links. There is also a TEKK dataradio for the UHF side of the packet mailbox.

The view on the right is looking down the row of HF transmitters. These include an old Eico 753, a Uniden 2610, the homebrew 4-400 transmitter and the linear AM rig. At the end is the Layfayette HA-410, the homebrew 10 meter transmitter a Heatkit DX-40 and VF-1 VFO. Other pieces of equipment in this picture are WGLIs old TFT modulation monitor in the rack with 2 Kahn receivers, an old RCA scope used for modulation monitoring and a spare Johnson Adventurer.

Left is the WA2FNQ-4 packet BBS computer under the parts bins. It is a 486-66 running FBB 7.00g.
Right is the FlexNet node computer and an old IBM XT used as a terminal.

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