Amateur Radio Station WA2FNQ

Changes in the Year 2000

The new main and rear position microphones in studio A are Marshall MXL 2003s. These were added after I listened to them at NAB 2000. The main microphone was ordered at NAB and the rear position microphone shortly after. A Rolls microphone pre-amplifier/phantom power supply was installed on the two microphone channels of the primary audio mixer.

Other additions to Studio A are a HoweTech Phase Chaser and a Behringer MX802A mixer. The Phase Chaser is used to correct phase errors in recorded material. The MX802A is used as a sub-mixer for the primary audio mixer. This now gives Studio A the capability to mix more than 26 different sources.

This stereo Volumax was added in the audio chain of the 75 meter AM transmitter. It is used to process the audio for the AM Stereo generator.

What's under the table? With space becoming a premium in the studio, this Behringer EX2200 Dualflex Pro audio enhancer was mounted under the console table. It was placed ahead of the DBX compressor/limiters in the audio chain to "tighten" up the audio.

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