Amateur Radio Station WA2FNQ

These pictures are from a video taken by WA1FAF in 1988.

Top left and right - Views of the studio.

Bottom left - A Heathkit "TWOer" and Lafayette HA-410 sit on top of the hombrew 10 meter transmitter. The hombrew 10 meter transmitter is a pair of 6146s modulated by a pair of 6146s.

Bottom right - The stations monitor amplifier/receiver and a Heathkit model HR-20 used as the back up receiver for HF.

The 75 meter AM 4-400 transmitter. This is a single 4-400 modulated by a pair of 572Bs. The 4-400 is driven by a modified Eico 720 which was given a new front panel and mounted in the bottom of the rack. The audio section is made up of 12AX7/12AU7 input and tone control stages with a pair of class A 6AQ5s driving the 572Bs. The audio driver transformer is from an RCA 10 KW broadcast transmitter. The power supply and RCA 1 KW modulation transformer are in the closet next to the transmitter.

The linear AM transmitter now mounted in a rack. The modulation monitor is a CCA AMM-1D.

Left - The main HF station receiver was a Wells Gardner RAO-5. On top of the RAO-5 was a Clegg FM-21 transceiver for 223.5 MHz FM and a Mirage D-1010 70-cm amplifier used for ATV.

Right - The experimental LM1981 AM stereo receiver mounted behind the 4-400 transmitter.

Left - The 145.70 Mhz FM transmitter.

Right - This mess is what was part of the ATV transmitter and power wiring behind the RAO-5

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