740 WGSM/94.3 WCTO Stereo

The Studios

Some of these pictures are not very good but they're all I had. My thanks go to Robert Cohen for sending me some decent pictures.
The good ones are his.

The studios were in this building at 900 Walt Whitman Road (Route 110) in Huntington. They later became the studios of B-103 (WBZO) and WMJC (formerly WCTO). WGSM took to simulcasting WHLI, Hempstead after becoming Disney Radio for a short while.

The front door. Ahead is the WGSM air studio. To the right is the reception desk.

The reception area, lobby and a hallway with some of the awards the staions had received.
Color picure by Phil Harris.

A Long Island Network Certificate of Appreciation.
Contributed by "a friend".

This conference room later became the newsroom after the split up of the Long Island Network (WGBB and WGSM/WCTO). Seen in the bottom picture (left to right) are Bruce Herbert, Ray Adell and station manager Dick Scholem.

Left to right in this picture are: Jim Ferguson, Marion Ellis, Dick Scholem and Mike Eau Claire.

Left - Mark Haines (CNBC news now) in the WGSM air studio.
Right - Long Island Network newsman Lou Marcus in the announce booth between the WGSM and WCTO control rooms. Jim Ferguson can be seen beyond in the WCTO control room.

On The Air

Left: Bruce Herbert
Right: Jim Ferguson

Gary Lewi

Left - The WGSM 12 record hour. This was an actual format chart that hung on the wall in the air studio.
Right - A young me (reaching for a record) and Paul Fleishman in the WGSM music Library.

Paul Fleishman and sales manager Dick Grove in the WCTO control room.

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