Hi Folks

It is with pleasure to report the 449.825 (KA1MJ/R) repeater is back on the air at it's new home as of today, Sunday  December 19th .  Not all of the whistles and bells are operational but the UHF portion seems to be working very nicely.  To access the repeater you will need to use a PL of 110.9hz.  The ACC controller, link equipment and Rx transmit PL will follow at a later date as more technical bugs are being worked out.  The Rx has a short tail and the ID may appear to be cutting off which is a minor adjustment problem and will be replaced when the ACC is installed.

Our thanks to KA1MJ, WA1WUF, W1ERE, and W1CTC for all their time, material and efforts for a job well done.


Bob Brill, WA1TJT

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