HBO Radio Club/SPARC Field Day 2008

The Home Box Office Amateur Radio Club and the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club

For the fifth year the HBO Radio Club combined efforts with the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club to produce a truly enjoyable Field Day. Although there was a threat of rain the weather was beautiful this year. The theme for this year was "Brotherhood Through Amateur Radio".

  to hear Mike doing this years Field Day PSA
which aired on WSHR, 91.9 MHz FM and also on the Internet   on and part 15 station 1290 GLI AM/FM. PSAs also ran on
WRIV and we had a notice in the bulletins section of the Long Island
Exchange (

  to hear Jay Donovan doing an interview with    
Jeff, KB4JKL on the Oldies Cafe Show which aired on on 7/6/08.


The tents set up at the end of the sidewalk.

The front door of the HBO Communications Center at thge other end of the sidewalk.
Picture by Andy Feldmen

The gang bringing out tables and chairs from the building. That's Jeff carrying the heavy H.T.

Charlie sets up the HF dipole.

Up goes the vertical.

The VHF antenna installation.

Jerry unknotting the 6 meter dipole.
"Who tangled up this thing anyway? Oh... I did."

The ATV demo set up running on its own power.
We didn't get anything for it this year but we had some fun playing with it.

Check out of the operating positions and logging computer.

Andy enjoying a refreshing beverage.

Jeff's generator provided the power.
Picture by Andy Feldman

The VHF position.
Picture by Andy Feldman

14:00 - Operation begins.
Pictures by Andy Feldman

The next shift begins operating.

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