The WA2FNQ ATV Photo Scrapbook

Actual Pictures From Remote Locations

These pictures, received at WA2FNQ, show ATV under unusual circumstances.
They were transmitted using low power, low antennas, long distances or under poor conditions.

Gary, KD1RJ (shown) and Philip, WX1CT (Formerly KA1YIQ) take

ATV to the "air", flying over southern Conneticut.

The SNEATV Society ATV coverage

the boat races during the Special Olympics.

Via SCARAs W1NRE ATV repeater in New Haven, CT.

The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Clubs 1998 Field Day

Top left and right show operating positions.

Lower left - Philip, WX1CT (Formerly KA1YIQ). Lower right - Firing up the grill.

Left - John, WB2GIT (now AA2AF) - Rumson, NJ

Right - Don, W4YDF - Norfolk, VA

Taken during a band opening.

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