The WA2FNQ ATV Photo Scrapbook

The ATV Antennas at WA2FNQ

WA2FNQ "as seen on TV".

The first ATV contact from WA2FNQ to WA1WVJ (now W1CTC).

East Northport, N.Y. to West Haven, CT. using 10 watts and a 6 element beam.

Photo of the TV screen taken by Bob, W1CTC.

This is a picture taken of a local monitor in the station taken by Russ Skadl during a contact with W1CTC.

One mans approach to portable ATV.

The "Lookie Talkie" by N1UVM (now W1MDI).

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The W1NRE ATV repeater site - September 1999

Pictures from the WA2PJP ATV repeater

Fast Scan ATV Demo at GNARC - November 1999

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