On to the next transmitter. This is the Johnson mounted in the linear AM transmitter rack.

While everything was removed to allow access to the back of the transmitter rack there were a few other things that need to be attended to. One thing was removing an old Dow Key relay from the antenna switching panel that was used to switch the HF transmitters to the 10 meter antenna. Over time it had frozen in one position. It was replaced by this blue coax switch.

This is the bad relay.

These 2 Johnson Matchboxes can also be selected by the switching panel. They can each be left on a differnt band for easy switching between bands. The Matchbox without the SWR meter is left on 75/80 meters while the one with the meter is usally on 20 meters.

Labeling on the antenna switching panel was updated to reflect the changes. While things were torn apart behind the transmitters an unused power supply and wiring was removed. Also a 1 inch, tinned, braided copper ground strap was installed between the transmitter room racks.

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