Other WGLI Stuff

This poster from the 60's was e-mailed to me by Beth Bond. Her uncle, Bryce Bond, was a D.J. on WGLI.

Some WGLI ads.

Some WGLI bussiness cards.

A WGLI cigarette lighter.

These are 2 WGLI bumper stickers. The station ran a contest sometime around 1977. If you had a WGLI bumper sticker on your car and we read your license plate number on the air you would win the jackpot if you called in. The jackpot went up $1.29 each hour until somebody won. I remember driving around the parking lot of the South Shore Mall with Dick Moore trying to spot cars with WGLI bumper stickers....and not finding any.J.P. Hunter tells a story about one listener who called in and won.... $1.29.

Put this sticker on your radio and you'll always remember where to listen for those school closings.

Me in my WGLI T-shirt. I still have it but for some strange reason it doesn't fit anymore.

Here is an Entertainers automation tape from Radio Arts. This is reel 4 V 65. It was scheduled to run from December 11 through December 25,1977 and contained current music as well as Christmas songs. This reel has voice overs done by Radio Arts own announcers.

This was WGLI's modulation monitor from when I was Chief Engineer, a TFT Model 713. Sometime after I left it was replaced with a Belar unit. Dick Moore thought I should have it because of all the grief it gave me. It's now in one of the WA2FNQ transmitter room racks and still doesn't work right.

For you technical types: This is the original RF driver power supply choke from WGLI's Gates BC5P2 transmitter. It was replaced after the mysterious power surge in 1968 that allegedly damaged the transmitters. The choke had some scorched areas on the outside but is electrically perfect. It's seen here installed in the alternate main WA2FNQ HF AM transmitter. It's part of the modulation reactor.

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