Privacy on the Web


As an Internet surfer you may have had occasion to download "free" software to use on your computer. Please do yourself a favor and visit this site:

Many of the so-called "free" software products have a "parasite" embedded in them which, when the software is used, will place files on your hard drive to collect information about your usage and other data. This information is put in to your data stream while you are on Internet and sent out to collection sites without you knowing. I have personally found this to be true of one FTP program that offers a free 30-day demo and then asks you to buy the software. An earlier version of this program was purchased and used to FTP many of the files on the WA2FNQ Homepage. Needless to say, this company will never see my business again. This to me is the equivalent of asking someone in to your home and then having them rip you off. While there is no evidence that anything nasty is going on they are, however, collecting data from your PC without your knowledge. For a list of companies practicing this policy and more information see the above Web sites. While their views and opinions do not necessarily reflect mine and I am not endorsing the use of any software offered, you should be aware of this information. Watch out!! Don't let this happen to you.

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