Packet Picture Scrapbook

On September 4th, 1999 John WB2CIK, Bob W1CTC, Philip KA1YIQ and myself went to the SCARA site to convert the W1GB node to FlexNet. We made a a quick stop at the WB1CQO in Bridgeport on our way back to Long Island. These are some pictures of the trip.

The SCARA tower atop West Rock in New Haven, CT.

The equipment shelter under the tower.

Left - Bob, W1CTC

Right - Bob with Phil, WX1CT (Formerly KA1YIQ)

Left - John, WB2CIK installing the 6PACK EPROMs in the TNCs.

Right - Bob and John plugging things in.

Views of the world from West Rock.

Left - The WB1CQO Bridgeport FlexNet node.

Right - John, N1OLO

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