Packet on the Road

A portable packet station can be a useful tool for emergency work or just sending personal messages. While on vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I was able to send packet messages back home using the local BBS. I also was able to connect back in to the NY area through a HF gateway. While I was on business in Las Vegas, I was in one spot long enough that I was able to both send receive messages back on the local BBS.

My mobile is also equipped for packet. I use it to work my own BBS while around town or while traveling, it's fun to see what kind of packet activity you can find.

This portable packet set up was used to send messages back home from San Juan. A BayPac BP-1 was used with a Compaq 386-25 laptop running BayCom software. The transceiver was an ICOM IC2-AT with an ANLI AL800 antenna.

This is the mobile installation in the back of my Honda CRV. A KPC-3 TNC is mounted to the right of the ICOM 706. RS-232 runs up under the driver's seat. I normally use a HP 200 LX palmtop but a GPS and computer can be plugged in for APRS operation.

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