Orange County Amateur Radio Club 3.920 MHz Net
Audio Samples

These are some audio samples of the Orange County Amateur Radio Club Net which meets Sundays at 12 noon on 3.920 MHz LSB. Please note: This is a work in progress.

Equipment used at WA2FNQ:

Antenna: 75 meter dipole/Johnson Matchbox
Radio: ICOM IC745 transceiver/SB 200 amplifier
Recordings were made on a Systemax PC using Cool Edit
Signals are typically S5 to 10 over S9

WA2FNQ Recorded through my receiver/monitor.
Knowing how I sound on your receiver you can use this as a reference to tell how my receiver sounds.

Left click on the call to listen or right click to download . In no particular order:

Tom, W2TRR (As net control W2HO)       Ray, K2NET       Mark, WM2C       Saul, WA2KOT

Phil, KC2DXM       Don, AA2DS       Jack, N2JFG       Andy, W2SON       Mickey, K2NRS

Matt, KB2KQK       Bill, N2CF       Bruce, N2KTV       Michael, WB2KHE       Jim, K2JIM

Jim, W2JTS       George, KA2UWH after the net       Mike, N2YIE       Glen, N2GOP

Jason, KB3NGA

Some Fooling Around After The Net

Phil, KC2DXM and Jerry WA2FNQ on 3.710 AM

This QSO took place on 4/20/08 after the OCARC Net. Phil was received using a Gonset Super 6 converter ahead of a Sony SRF A-100 AM stereo radio. The radio was in the independant sideband mode so the static is in... yes stereo!! This was recorded through my station monitoring system, the same set up used for the SSB recordings.

My transmitter is a Johnson Adventurer plate modulated by a very modified Eico 730 modulator This is run through the same SB 200 amplifier used for SSB. The audio to this transmitter is the same audio that goes to the IC745. This is definately NOT a set up for use under conditions when the band becomes populated!! What feeds the monitor system is the demodulated AM from the transmitter matrixed with the de-emphsized stereo difference signal from the point of modulation in the transmitter.

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