Amateur Radio Station K2AAW/WA2FNQ

20 Years After
On The Other Side Of The Wall

These are the coax runs that came from the WA2FNQ station 2 floors up. There's 2 runs of RG - 8 with a run of RG - 58 in the center. One run of RG - 8 was for sharing the ground plane on 10 meters. The other is for high power operation on 75 meters and went to the homebrew tuner. The run of RG 58 went to the Johnson Matchbox for low power multiband operation with the dipole.

Another look at the coax runs. The ten meter transmission line drops vertically and goes through the wall where it can be connected to the ten meter antenna. The transmission line to the high power 75 meter tuner hangs disconnected.

This is the high power 75 meter tuner. It's a coil with a variable capacitor across it. The open wire feed is tapped in equally from each end of the coil. The input goes to a fixed coupling link. The 300 ohm twin lead for the Johnson Matchbox runs down the wall stud to the left. The Johnson Matchbox sat on top of the high power tuner. How RFI free was this whole set up? Well, that's the unshielded telephone line on the wall stud to the right.

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