FM IBOC Samples

The following audio samples were made using a Boston Acoustics Receptor radio. Recordings were made from the headphone output jack on the rear panel of the radio. Audio quality was fairly decent. Rather than listening on the radios own speakers, all monitoring was done through a Crown D-75 amplifier and a set of EPI Model 90 speakers.

This location is @35 miles from New York City on Long Island. The FM antenna used was an omni-directional set of crossed dipoles. Reception of FM stations from New York City and Conneticut using this antenna on a normal FM receiver is quite acceptable. Even the Receptor radio did well hearing analog signals on this antenna. However, only four stations showed any signs of a digital signal. All were from Conneticut and none from New York City. Two of the stations indicated presence of a digital signal but the radio would not switch out of the analog mode. One has a good signal here and the other is fairly strong. On the other two signals the radio switched in to the digital mode. These stations were very strong.

The below audio samples were recorded from these stations. There is one from station A and two from station B. All the audio samples start with the radio tuned off the station. The station is then tuned in, the radio will run in the analog mode, then lock in and switch to the digital mode. On each sample this is done twice. All of these samples are uncompressed .wav files. Right click on the file and download it if you wish to listen to it multiple times. Note: At the time these stations were not running HD 2 or HD 3 signals.

Station A Sample 1

Station B Sample 1

Station B Sample 2

Here's another interesting comparason:

Sample 3

This again is Station A. First is analog, then digital and then, IMHO, a properly processed analog signal on my own test transmitter. Each switch is separated by a short period of silence. And yes, the sample from my test transmitter isn't up pitched like Station A. So which sounds better? You decide.

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