HBO Radio Club/SPARC Field Day 2007

The Home Box Office Amateur Radio Club and the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club

For the forth year the HBO Radio Club combined efforts with the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club to produce a truly enjoyable Field Day. The weather was beautiful this year.

I had to leave early and didn't have time to take many pictures. Here are the few pictures I had time to take:

The sign at the end of the sidewalk at the HBO Communications Center.
This is where we set up for Field Day.

Bob, WT0P fixing the sign which kept blowing over in the wind.

Setting up the tent.

Jeff, KB4JKL once again provided the generator.
It was set up furthur back from the operating positions this year to reduce noise.

Charlie, W2CAL lays out the dipoles.

The vertical goes up.

Operating position 1.

Operating position 2.

Jerry, WA2FNQ set up the ATV demo in the back of his Honda CRV.

  to hear Mike doing this years Field Day PSA
which aired on WSHR, 91.9 MHz FM, WXBA 88.1,
Part 15 station 1290 GLI AM/FM and also on the Internet on

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