HBO Radio Club/SPARC Field Day 2006

The Home Box Office Amateur Radio Club and the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club

For the third year the HBO Radio Club combined efforts with the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club to produce a truly enjoyable Field Day. We had fun, made more contacts than last year and introduced Amateur Radio to a few more people. It rained heavy both days of the event but we made the most of it anyway. Here are some pictures:

The flag in front of the HBO Communications Center.

The sign at the end of the sidewalk at the HBO Communications Center.
This is where we set up for Field Day.

Setting Up

Phil, WX1CT begins setting up the tent.

Setting up the operating position.

Jeff, KB4JKL once again provided the generator. It was set up under a tarp to protect it from the rain.

Left - Charlie, W2CAL
Right - Hey!! It's Bob, WT0P!!

The Public Information Area and ATV Demo were set up in the back of Jerry, WA2FNQ's Honda CRV.

Operation Begins

Left - Mike, W1WHN and Right - Jeff, KB4JKL start operating.

  to hear Mike doing this years Field Day PSA
which aired on WSHR, 91.9 MHz FM and also on the Internet on

Phil, WX1CT looks over the logging computer.

Trying to stay dry is Steve WB2ZHB and Gail K2RED (Gail is managing editor of CQ Magazine).

Not even the heavy downpour stopped us.... well, with the exception of a couple of thunderstorms that passed through.

Jeff, KB4JKL checks out the ATV demo. Mike, W1WHN was even recieving our ATV signals on his portable TV.

A visitor to the Public Information area? "Hey, you wanna be an Amateur Radio Operator?"

The HF Dipoles.

The HF vertical.

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