HBO Radio Club/SPARC Field Day 2005

The Home Box Office Amateur Radio Club and the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club

For the second year the HBO Radio Club combined efforts with the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club to produce a truly enjoyable Field Day. We had fun, made a bunch of contacts and introduced Amateur Radio to a few people. Here are some pictures:
The sign at the end of the sidewalk at the HBO Communications Center.
This is where we set up for Field Day.

Setting Up

Left - Bob, WT0P ties off the end of one of the HF dipoles in a tree.
Right - The vertical antenna.

Jeff, KB4JKL's generator provided the power.

Left - The operating tent.
Right - The all important food tent.

Jerry, WA2FNQ (left) and Phil, WX1CT (right) set up the Public Information Table and ATV Demo.

Operation Begins

Charlie, W2CAL begins operating.

Left - Mike, W1WHN and Richard, W2OHM continue operating.
Right - Mike with Mark from radio station WSHR.

  to hear Mike read our Field Day PSA
during his Tuesday Time Warp show on WSHR, 91.9 MHz.

A couple of tries to make a satellite contact.

Getting the Kids Involved

HBO Vice President Charles Cataldo's sons operate the 6 meter position with Phil, WX1CT.

My daughter Mindy tries operating 40 meters with Charlie, W2CAL.

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