Part 15 AM Stereo Samples

Modified Ramsey AM-25

There was a time when people mostly listened to AM radio. FM stations weren't worth much and carried mostly things like show tunes, jazz and classical music. But times have changed and now the radio audience has switched to FM for music programming. The AM band is mostly talk radio, religious and foreign lanuage stations. So what can be done to make AM more competitive with FM? Some stations have added digital but that has issues of its own such as causing interferance to adjacent stations. But what about AM stereo?

Below are 7 examples of what an AM Stereo signal sounds like on a receiver of decent bandwidth.

The transmitter used was a modified Ramsey AM-25 driving my own modulator/final. The original AM-25 final had too much incidental phase modulation to be useful with AM stereo. L-R audio was applied to the phase lock loop of the AM-25. Power input was 65 mw at a frequency of 1290 Khz using a legal, 3 meter, non loaded antenna. Receiver used was a Sony SRF-A100.

1290 GLI AM Stereo Sample 1

1290 GLI AM Stereo Sample 2

1290 GLI AM Stereo Sample 3

1290 GLI AM Stereo Sample 4

1290 GLI AM Stereo Sample 5

1290 GLI AM Stereo Sample 6

1290 GLI AM Stereo Sample 7

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