AM Stereo Pictures

Some AM Stereo Receivers

My original AM stereo receiver mounted in one of the equipment racks at WA2FNQ. This receiver has an LM 1981 stereo decoder installed at the I.F. output of an old Imperial V tube type AM tuner.

Left - The Sony SRF-A100 multi-mode AM stereo portable.

Right - The Sony XR-A33 AM stereo car radio.

The main AM station receiver at WA2FNQ. This is a Radio Shack TM-152 AM tuner with a Gonset Super 6 converter ahead of it.

The Transmitter

AM stereo equipment mounted in one of the WA2FNQ AM transmitter racks.

The First WA2FNQ AM Stereo Generator

I found this tossed in a box in the basement at my mom's house. This was the first AM stereo generator at WA2FNQ. It used a couple of 12AU7 tubes. The second AM stereo generator used a modified turntable preamp in its audio section

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