The Pacific Princess

The Love Boat

Facts and Figures

From the Pacific Princess Log of the Cruise

Built: 1971   Rheinstanl Nordseewerke   Emden, West Germany.     New Build 411.
Port of Registry: London, England.
Completed: August 19, 1970
Registered Gross Tonnage: 20,186 tons.
Callsign: GCBF
Offical Number: 36360
Net Tonnage: 7,865 tons.
Displacement: 16,270 tons.
Loaded Draft: 25 feet 3 inches.
Cruising Speed: 18 knots.
Maximum Speed: 19 knots
Stopping Distance at 19 knots: .38 miles in 2 minutes 15 seconds.
Main Engines: 4 Fiat, 10 cylinder, medium speed, deisel engines producing a total of 18,000 S.H.P.
Propellers: 2 controllable pitch - 12.95 feet in diameter.
Stabilizers: 1 pair - 12.83 feet long   5.75 feet wide.
Bowthruster: 1   1000 H.P. producing 11 tons of thrust.
Fuel Oil Capacity: 1,977 tons.
Diesel Oil: 180 tons.
Lube Oil: 130 tons.
Fuel Consumption: 70 tons per day at 19 knots or 18,790 U.S. gallons per day at 19 knots or 739
                                U.S. gallons per hour at 19 knots. The ship can move 147 feet per U.S. gallon.
Length Overall: 553 feet 8 inches.   Breadth: 80 feet 9 inches.
Height of Topmast Above Waterline: 126 feet 7 inches.
Number of Public Decks: 7.
Height of Decks Above the Water Level:
    Sun - 62.08 feet.
    Bridge - 55.01 feet.
    Promenade - 43.11 feet.
    Riviera - 34.09 feet.
    Aloha - 25.10 feet.     Fiesta - 16.07 feet.
    Coral - 6.09 feet.
Public Rooms: Over 34,000 square feet.
Lounge areas: Over 5,00 square feet.
Passenger Deck Space: Over 22,000 square feet.
Fresh Water Capacity: 1,113 tons.
Average Daily Fresh Water Consumption: 250 tons.
    Desalination plant capable of producing 200 tons/24 hours at sea.
    Reverse osmosis system capable of producing 100 tons/24 hours at sea.
Laundry Water: 355 tons.
Boiler Water: 26 tons.
Ballast: 470 tons.
Normal Passenger Capacity: 658.
Normal Crew: 353.


This little ship, along with the ABC-TV series "The Love Boat", was single handedly responsible for making the cruise industry as popular as it is today. Yet despite it's past history, Princess Cruises decided that it will "no longer deploy" the Pacific Princess as part of their fleet at the end of the 2002 Bermuda-New York cruise season.

The ship was built in 1971 for Flagship Cruises. Originally named the Sea Venture, it made the run from New York to Bermuda. I remember seeing it docked on Front Street in Hamilton on my first visit to Bermuda in 1973. It was sold to Princess Cruises in 1975 where it became the star of the popular TV series The Love Boat. For years it sailed from Los Angeles to Mexico, Alaska and many other ports around the world. She finally wound up back on the New York to Bermuda run where she started.

Our cruise aboard the Pacific Princess was truely enjoyable. Although the Mega Cruise Ships of today are quite amazing, the Pacific Princess had the warmth and charm I remember ships having when I first began cruising. There wasn't a quarter of a mile walk to and from dinner and we found it refreshing to cruise on a ship of this size again. Due to it's size, it seemed the staff and service exceeded Princesses usual excellent standards. The Captain even stopped to talk to us while we were having breakfast by the pool. Though it was our first time on the ship and Hollywood did make some modifications to the look of the ship, the surroundings were very familiar. You could still feel the presence of Julie, Doc, Issac, Gopher and Captain Stubing on board.

We will always remember the Pacific Princess as a major part of cruise history. She will sail in our memories forever.

Written aboard the Pacific Princess - 9/1/01
by Jerry J. Mehrab, WA2FNQ

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