The Grand Princess

Facts and Figures

Built: 1998 by Fincantieri   Monfalcone, Italy.
Port of Registry: Hamilton, Bermuda.
Registered Gross Tonnage: 108,806 tons.
Net Tonnage: 73,328 tons.
Displacement: 51,760 tons
Propulsion Type: 2 x Siemens Electric Main Motor producing 21 MW per shaft.
Diesel Engines: 6 SulzerGMT Diesel Engines with a maximum power of 69,000 Kw 92,500 HP.
Thrusters: 3 Bow Controllable Pitch 6,600 Kw 8,850 HP.
                    3 Stern Controllable Pitch 5,160 Kw 6,920 HP.
Propellers: 2 Fixed Pitch Propellers, Six Blades, 18.4 ft. diameter.
Rudders: Twin Independent.
Stablilizers: 2 Fincantieri 90% Roll Reduction @ 18 knots.
Cruising Speed: 22.5 knots.
Top Speed: 24 knots.
Length Overall: 951 feet.   Breadth: 118.8 feet (165 feet including bridge wing)   Height: 201 feet (185 feet above the water line)
Draft: 26 feet (max. 28 feet).
Number of Decks: 18.
Fuel Capacity: 2,649 tons.
Fresh Water Capacity: 2,731 tons.
Normal Passenger Capacity: 2,600.
Total Passenger Capacity: 3100.
Passenger Staterooms: 1,296.
Staterooms with Private Balconies: 710.
Normal Crew: 1,150.
Crew: 1,060.
Call Sign: ELVG9
Official Number: 10853


I don't do cruise reviews. In this case I will make an exception.

Princess, along with the TV series the "Love Boat", is probably single handedly responsible for the cruise industry being where it is today. With the Grand Princess, they have opened a whole new chapter in cruising. This ship is absolutely amazing. Princess has thought of every detail. From your stateroom to Skywalkers Disco, 18 decks above the sea, you will find every accommodation imaginable. There's alternative dining in the Painted Desert and Sabatini's Trattoria. Food is available 24 hours a day in the Horizon Court. While the dining rooms don't have a 5 star rating (they don't throw all that extra, useless silverware on the table - THANK YOU!!) the food is excellent. IIf you don't like the menu there are standard items, which are always available. These include things like Salmon, Fettuccine All' Alfredo, Sirloin Steak and Classic Caesar Salad. My wife would cruise with Princess just for their Caesar salad. The staff is warm, friendly, courteous and very helpful. Our dining room staff went out of their way to make my daughter comfortable one night when she fell asleep during dinner (unlike another cruise line we traveled with). The ship is huge. Due to its size and design it is the most stable of all the ships I've been on. Dramamine is not a big seller on board. We were able to anchor off St. Maarten while, due to weather conditions, some other large ships could not.

If you choose to sail with Princess Cruises I'm sure you wont be disappointed.

Written aboard the Grand Princess - 12/2/00
by Jerry J. Mehrab, WA2FNQ

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