Armstrong 70th Anniversary Commemeration of FM Radio
Saturday June 11, 2005

Left - The main tent area set up for the attendees. Plasma monitors and speakers allowed everyone to
see and hear the people on the panel as well as the commemerative broadcast.
Right - The food tent.

Mike Erickson sets up to aircheck the event.

Steve Hempill throws the switch putting WA2XMN back on 42.8 MHz, Armstrong's old frequency.
Steve built the replica of the Armstrong Phasitron transmitter used to broadcast today's event.

Entering the building and walking down the hall to the transmitter room.

The front of the 42.8 MHz Phasitron transmitter.

The finals and the transmitter metering.

The rear of the transmitter.

The transmitter making 250 watts out up to a modified Ringo mounted at the end of the second arm fo the tower.

Steve Hemphill with his transmitter.

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